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Pawan Kalyan Supports Sri Reddy’s Issues

Pawan Kalyan Supports Sri Reddy’s Issues. Telugu People have been discussing mostly Sri Reddy’s sexual exploitation. The Actress is now appealing Leaders who have a good reputation to come in support for her.

Pawan Kalyan Supports Sri Reddy’s Issues

Pawan Kalyan Supports Sri Reddy's Issues

Sri Reddy said,’We are in a democracy. We have elected public representatives. Leaders need to come forward. Telangana Government has done so much for women about SHE Teams, Kalyana Lakshmi, Telugu Maha Sabhalu, Telugu Compulsory. The silence of KTR and Kavitha has pained Me a lot’. The Actress advised Pawan Kalyan to achieve victory in the Industry before trying to win in politics. ‘Pawan Anna…You became famous and earned so many fans in the Telugu Industry. It’s not right if you ignore the issues in the Industry. I don’t think Casting Couch hasn’t come to your notice so far. It’s about the life a Girl. You should give a call saying even the bigwigs who do injustice to anyone should face consequences,’ she appealed. Sri Reddy slammed few News Channels for reporting that sexual relations.

Pawan Kalyan stood on the public. All Media members raised many doubts on Sri Reddy Issues. He said If there are any serious issues regarding girls matter, There is no need to show on roads. It must be discussed in courts or in the police station. If this kind of issues came onto media, media cant help in the society. Media is just for proposing messages. According to my opinion, whoever faced this kind of problems, they need to complain to police station or courts. That girl Sri Reddy asked for support. Will you give her support? Yes, I will give support for her. I am not a police to order. I am just a common man. From the first time onwards, I am saying that Prime Minister has to involve in this kind of issues.

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